Etiquette Training

Basic aspects of conducting yourself may seem clear enough, perhaps you learned from your parents or early jobs. But there are a lot of subtleties to body language, and sometimes we put the wrong things out there without meaning to.

How you handle introductions, handshakes, phone calls, entering events and soirees, and even fine dining will say a lot about you. People are often surprised by how many little aspects of these things they weren’t aware of, and equally surprised by how mastering them makes a difference in their interactions.

Etiquette Training Can Help You…

Master the Handshake

  • How to give and receive one, generally
  • How a handshake differs by gender: when a man shakes a woman’s hand or a woman shakes a man’s hand
  • Initiating handshakes by hierarchy (e.g. executives and employees, clients, etc.)

Handle Business Cards

  • Etiquette for asking for someone’s business card and how to receive it
  • Procedure for asking for cards depending on hierarchy in an organization
  • Nonverbal components of this type of exchange

Formal Dining

  • Proper use of utensils, glassware, plates, and napkin
  • How to invite others (including clients) to share a meal for business
  • How to handle spills, bread plates, etc.
  • Tipping

Create the Right Impression At Work

  • Putting together your wardrobe, casually and professionally
  • Caring for your shoes, hair, jewelry, and more
  • Creating rapport with coworkers and showing respect toward managers
  • Proper ways of using small talk with others
  • Etiquette for conference calls, meetings, and strategy sessions

Interviews: Creating A Good Impression

  • How to create cover letters and when to send them
  • Creating a winning resume
  • Handling phone interviews vs. in-person ones
  • Body language, greetings, and farewells
  • Practicing sample interview questions

Etiquette training is valuable particularly because decision makers at organizations do business with people with which they feel confident. Building rapport and showing you can handle yourself in meetings, presentations, or other social settings goes a long way toward establishing that confidence.

Another benefit that comes with etiquette training is consistency. Whether it’s a typical day-to-day activity or a significant one you find yourself within, you’ll send much stronger signals when the way you conduct yourself is consistent throughout.

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Kim Williams

Professionalism and experience drive Sindy’s commitment to excellence. Sindy had proven her capabilities as a teacher, consultant and public speaker. She has repeatedly provided leadership and presentations throughout the community and I have had the pleasure of securing her services for two separate speaking events.

Ombeni Idassi

From my four years of working with Mrs. Sindy Martin, I can say there is no other person that has taught me proper speaking, interview, and dinner etiquette as she has. Her incredible expertise on the rules, methods, and nuances of the techniques were more than sufficient, but went above and beyond anyone could be taught.

Teddy Burriss

I’ve been reading Sindy’s Smartin-Up Your Professionalism tweets for a few years now and thoroughly enjoy them. Great ideas, tips and thoughts for anyone looking for that little extra edge of professionalism. Thanks Sindy for writing these and packaging them in a good read.

Wendy Gates Corbett

Sindy is a stellar speaker. Her message is spot on and the audiences I’ve seen her present to really resonate with her delivery. She is a true leader.

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