Smartin-Up Your Professionalism

Transform your relationships and experience the growth you’ve been looking for.

Learn the skills that will transform your relationships, success, and income.

  • Comportment – the secret to conveying charisma and confidence
  • Attitude – the little known key to controlling your emotions and actions
  • Protocol – the hidden rules and expectations in the world of business

Speaker, author, trainer, and coach of cultural professionalism. Sindy Martin coaches executives in Fortune 500 companies and young professionals in universities, and has appeared as a featured guest on various radio and TV programs. She’s written articles for newspapers, business magazines, and online publications, all with the aim of helping people present their best selves.

Sindy has also written Smartin-Up Your Professionalism in 365 Tweets, which you can find on Amazon.

Institute of Management Consultants Society for Human Resource Management Certified Business Professional American Society of Training and Development

Kim Williams

Professionalism and experience drive Sindy’s commitment to excellence. Sindy had proven her capabilities as a teacher, consultant and public speaker. She has repeatedly provided leadership and presentations throughout the community and I have had the pleasure of securing her services for two separate speaking events.

Ombeni Idassi

From my four years of working with Mrs. Sindy Martin, I can say there is no other person that has taught me proper speaking, interview, and dinner etiquette as she has. Her incredible expertise on the rules, methods, and nuances of the techniques were more than sufficient, but went above and beyond anyone could be taught.

Teddy Burriss

I’ve been reading Sindy’s Smartin-Up Your Professionalism tweets for a few years now and thoroughly enjoy them. Great ideas, tips and thoughts for anyone looking for that little extra edge of professionalism. Thanks Sindy for writing these and packaging them in a good read.

Wendy Gates Corbett

Sindy is a stellar speaker. Her message is spot on and the audiences I’ve seen her present to really resonate with her delivery. She is a true leader.

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